Prerequisite knowledge

Prerequisite knowledge

Before jumping into building with O3, you should be familiar with the at least HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you're totally new to frontend development, it's especially important that you develop a good grasp of the fundamentals. Below is a list of the technologies we use in O3 and some recommended resources to learn them.


Knowing JavaScript is a prerequisite to everything else. We recommend going through the following resources:


The official docs (opens in a new tab) are a great way to get acquainted with React. Don't gloss over the fundamentals (opens in a new tab)! Having a solid understanding of its core concepts is very important in helping you learn how to develop high-quality frontend modules in O3. We also recommend going through the following resources:


Most of our code is written in TypeScript. We recommend going through the following resources:

JavaScript tooling


It is imperative that you keep your code in a version control system. OpenMRS uses Git (opens in a new tab). You should know the basics of using Git and GitHub. Great learning resources include:


OpenMRS provides various APIs through which the frontend can request data. We recommend acquainting yourself with the documentation of these APIs as well as the OpenMRS data model. Find the relevant links below:

Next steps

Ready to jump in? It's time to learn about the key repositories in the O3 ecosystem and how they work together. Head over to the next section to learn more.