Implementation: Under the hood

Implementation: Under the hood

This is how things work under the hood with the Workspace system. You probably don't need to know about this!

Workspaces are implemented using global store, which can be imported as:

import { getWorkspaceStore } from "@openmrs/esm-patient-common-lib";
// Accessing the state of the workspace store
const store = getWorkspaceStore();
const state = store.getState();

Workspace window's properties

Workspace store has the following properties, defining the workspace window:

  1. patientUuid: string - Current patient's UUID
  2. openWorkspaces: OpenWorkspaces[] - The list of workspaces launched by the user
  3. prompt: Prompt - The prompt to be shown to the user, usually for confirming an action
  4. workspaceWindowState: 'normal' | 'maximized' | 'hidden' - The state of the workspace window

The workspace properties can be accessed by either 2 ways:

  1. Using the getWorkspaceStore function, which returns the workspace store
import { getWorkspaceStore } from '@openmrs/esm-patient-common-lib';
const store = getWorkspaceStore();
const state = store.getState();
// To update the state of the workspace store, use the `store.setState` function
store.setState({ ... })
// OR
store.setState((state) => { ... })
  1. For react components, you can access the workspace state from the useWorkspaces hook
import { useWorkspaces } from "@openmrs/esm-patient-common-lib";
const MyComponent = () => {
  const { workspaces, prompt, workspaceWindowState } = useWorkspaces();
  // To update the state of the workspace store, use the `setState`
  return <div></div>;

Multiple workspaces can be opened at the same time but only one visible at a time, i.e. the workspace at the top. The workspace window is rendered on the right corner of the patient chart.

To know whether a workspace is active or not:

const MyComponent = () => {
  const { workspaces, workspaceWindowState } = useWorkspaces();
  const workspaceIndex = workspaces.findIndex(
    (workspace) => === "my-workspace-name"
  const workspaceOpened = workspaceIndex >= 0;
  const isWorkspaceActive =
    workspaceWindowState !== "hidden" && workspaceIndex === 0;
  return <div></div>;